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Research at OUH

Key elements in research at OUH.

OUH puts the patient first. This obliges in all respects - also in relation to research. In addition, as a university hospital, OUH must continuously be at the forefront with new knowledge. This is why OUH always works with research strategically. 

Apart from our research strategy, the below elements are pivotal in conducting research at OUH.

OUH has established a research council which is the main body of research at the hospital. The main task of the council is to strengthen research in order for patients and staff to benefit from the latest knowledge. In addition, the council aims for OUH to make its mark in research at home and abroad.

Specifically, the council draws up and implement the research strategy of OUH and the Department of Clinical Research at SDU. 

The council is made up of a representative from the board of management at OUH, the head of department of Clinical Research at SDU, researchers at OUH and representatives for patients and carers. The research council refers to the board of directors at OUH.  

OUH is a university hospital through its collaboration with SDU, and most of the researchers at OUH are also employed at SDU. The collaboration between the two organisations is long-lived and has resulted in numerous research projects between the OUH departments and the faculties of SDU.

For instance, the research and innovation centres Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT), Centre for Clinical AI (CAI-X) and Centre for Clinical Robotics (CCR) have all been established jointly between OUH and SDU. The centres secure a close connection between the most updated and technical developments at the university and needs and requests from the clinical departments at the hospital.

We expect an even bigger collaboration in the future when OUH and the Faculty of Health Sciences will be physically joined at the new hospital currently being built. 

"Put the patient first" is the OUH motto and we aim to do so in all our activities, including research. We believe that only by including patients and carers in the research proces itself, we can strive to make our research as relevant as possible for patient treatment. 

Consequently, at OUH researchers seek to in the research proces itself and not only as research objects. Patients and carers participate in the OUH research Council and assessment committees for research funding. 

OUH has established a research centre for involving patients and carers as co-producers of research: Centre for Research in Collaboration with Patients and Carers - ForSa-P (in Danish). The aim is to promote a culture where patients and carers are involved in all aspects of research. With their knowledge and perspectives, health research is strenthened to become closer to the patient and in line with their needs.

The ForSa-P centre is a joint entry point for all participants including researchers in the involvement of patients and carers in research.


OUH participates in regional, national and international research collaboration. We are continuously looking into expanding our network and exploring new ways of collaboration.

As a hospital OUH is only one of several players in the health sector, and we find it of utmost importance to improve collaboration with other players. Consequently, we seek to increase research partnerships with other sectors such as municipalities, general practitioners, and psychiatry.