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Welcome to the Radiological Research Unit

The Radiology Research unit features medical doctors and radiographers collaborating to perform research of benefit to the patients.
We are engaged in research finding the best way to diagnose and treat various diseases and how to examine patients with the lowest possible radiation dose and best possible image quality.

We perform experimental research using phantoms and technical set-up or clinical research involving patient participation.

Our large image database is also used for research purpose which is a help in optimising the image quality.

Our research covers almost all radiological specialised areas and all kinds of imaging devices, i.e. ultrasound, mammography, CT and MR scan etc.
Examples include embolisations (blocking blood vessels) of e.g. uterine fibroids, pulmonary arteriovenous malformations and abdominal bleeding including bleeding due to trauma.

Our research also covers cryo ablation which is a minimally surgical invasive procedure that freezes and destroys small kidney cancers.

Furthermore, we have ongoing development projects within all specialities as part of our day-to-day operations.