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Living In Denmark

Living In Denmark

In collaboration with your department, the Human Resources Department will plan a language programme to enable you to speak and understand Danish within a short period. Some teaching sessions will be intensive individual teaching, while others will be in teams with other foreigners.

There are several ways to live in Denmark. You can rent a home for shorter or longer periods – you can also buy a home. There are many different types of housing in Denmark.

The Human Resources Department will be happy to help you, and perhaps your family, to find a home.

If you have children, there are different possibilities depending on the age of the children. In Denmark there is childcare from the age of six months. Your children can be cared for at a daycare centre or at a private home. When your children are between three and six years of age, they can attend a kindergarten. Your child can start pre-school when he/she is five.

In Odense, it is possible to attend an international school. If you are bringing children who are to attend upper secondary school, you can enrol them at The International Baccalaureate at Nyborg Gymnasium, about 30 km from Odense.

The Human Resources Department will help enrol your children in the relevant institution.

For more information on language teaching, residence and HR, contact:
Trine Jest, Language consultant: +45 2043 2917 

As an expat, you can visit Work in Denmark in Odense, where they can help you look for a job etc.

Moreover, you can visit the website for expats in Denmark. See links below:
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