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Urinary Tract Surgery

Department of Urology covers the whole area of urology except from a few very specialized tasks that are centralized in Århus and Copenhagen.

Lars Lund

Head of Research MD, PhD, DMSci

Urinary Tract Surgery

+45 51 40 89 82

Tina Thomsen

Head of Department, Head Nurse

Urinary Tract Surgery

+45 24 90 45 03

Department of Urology covers the whole area of urology except from a few very specialized tasks that are centralized in Århus and Copenhagen. There is a close collaboration between the two departments in Odense and Svendborg and with exchange and treatment depending on patients diseases and treatment needs. In both departments are patients diagnosed with urologic cancer diseases, urinary stones, complex as well as more common urinary problems, and also symptoms and diseases in the masculine genitals.

We offer open, laparoscopic and robot assisted operations for urologic cancer diseases in Odense. The Department has a share in two Da Vinci robots placed in our own operation area. Urinary stones in the remaining urinary system are treated in Odense with percutaneous or endoscopic surgery, while stone in the lower ureter and bladder is treated both in Odense and in Svendborg. Bladder function disorders are treated in both places, whereas surgical treatment of obstructive urination is mainly treated in Svendborg, except from TUMT treatment that takes place in Svendborg.

Department of Urology runs different kinds of reconstructive surgeries in Odense: Hynes-Anderson Pyloplastic, ureter reconstruction, neoimplants of ureter and vesico vaginal fistles. Adrenal gland surgery is mostly performed laparoscopic as well as kidney donor nephrectomy. Those procedures are also run in Odense. The department has a Sexology Clinic, where we investigate and treat patients with erective dysfunction. We offer different kinds of treatment after surgery e.g. sexual counselling, drug therapy, instructions in injection or vacuum therapy and ESWT (shock wave therapy). The department is part of an uro-onco-pathology centre collaboration on research and multi-disciplinary continuity of care. Research and development in the Department is within cancer diseases, impotence and stem-cell research.

Urology Research Unit (UKF) is highly specialized in the treatment of urological cancer. The new UKF was established in 2012 and has international collaboration e.g. with Ancona, London, Malmö, Austria, USA and Hong Kong.

UKF has 7 main research areas within the urological field:

  • Cancer (kidney, bladder, testis and prostate)
  • Imaging
  • Stemcells
  • ESWT (shockwawe)
  • Cryo-treatment
  • Fast-track treatment
  • Shared care for cancer patients

The unit has an extensive practical experience from working within the industry of developing medical devices and methods for improved diagnosis and treatment.

All interested in urological research are welcome to participate in UKF's research and make suggestions regarding new projects. The unit's staff has an extensive experience in the supervision of junior colleagues and medical students, and in offering them projects or Ph-D programs when they have scientific question and show sufficient interest.

UKF Counts:

  • 1 professor
  • 4-5 phd students
  • 1-2 research year students
  • Doctors from the department engaged in research
  • 2 project nurse
  • 1 research secretary
Employees 170
Outpatients visits 40.000 per year
Patients discharged 3.500 per year
Beds Odense 20