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Internal Medicine & Emergency Department, Svendborg

Medical Department/FAM is a large Department of internal medicine receiving unselected patients from our catchment area.

Kenneth Egstrup

Consultant, Md., Professor Head of Research

Internal Medicine & Emergency Department, Svendborg

+45 63 20 22 62

Mette Worsøe

Consultant, Md., MHM, Head of Department

Internal Medicine & Emergency Department, Svendborg

+45 63 20 22 13

Medical Department/FAM

Medical Department/FAM is a large Department of internal medicine receiving unselected patients from our catchment area. The Department has 9 sections totally in Svendborg and Nyborg, in Nyborg there is only outpatient activity within the area of gastroenterology. In Svendborg there is a large outpatient activity divided in 2 specialties in the Department. The Department has 72 beds.

The Department receives patients from general practitioners on the island of Funen and surrounding minor islands (170.000 inhabitants).


FAM is receiving emergency patients for the entire OUH Svendborg Hospital, but some patients could be preselected for specialties as cardiology and obstetric. In the emergency Department (FAM) there is 16 beds. FAM has 33.600 patient contacts per year and approximately 30% is related to the Department of Medicine.

Deparment of Medicine

In the Department of Medicine following internal medicine specialties are represented (cardiology, endocrinology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, pulmonology and infectious disease). The Department is as mentioned divided in 2 sections, one general medical section with 36 beds and a cardiology ward with also 36 beds. There are outpatient clinics in all specialties. Besides the outpatient clinics there is also a Diagnostic Center, where acute patients with diseases that need fast assessment and who do not need hospitalization can be evaluated.

The Department of Medicine has 60.000 outpatients and 7.500 inpatients per year.

Research Department

There is a Research Department in both cardiology and rheumatology. The professor in the Department is leader of the cardiology research and is further head of the research in the Department. In the Department there is research on an international level with for the moment 6 PhD in cardiology and 1 in rheumatology.

The focus for the research in cardiology is mainly focused around cardiac CT and echocardiography with focus on ischemic heart disease especially in diabetes and prediabetes and further there is research in cardiac arrhythmias and especially atrial fibrillation. In rheumatology there is a PHD study focusing on spondylarthropathies.

The Department has also interest in research performed by nurses.

During a number of years there has been interest in telemedicine in different areas especially COPD, diabetes and cardiology.

There are in total 430 employees in the Department and the Department participates in education of different groups ranged from medical students, biomechanical students, nurses and secretaries.

Medical Department/FAM has a close corporation with Departments at OUH Odense University Hospital and close connection with the hospital on Aeroe.

In the Department there is an electronic patient file covering all aspects of filing patient information.

The Department teaches medical students in affiliation with University of Southern Denmark and is fully accredited by the Danish quality assurance organization

  • Cardiology
  • Pulmonary and infectious diseases
  • Reumatology
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology and hepatology
  • Research unit
Medical doctors 80
Nurses 350
Medical secretaries 60