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Emergency Department

Odense University Hospital has the largest Emergency Department in Denmark.

Annmarie Lassen

Emergency Department

+45 65 41 50 48

Anne List

Emergency Department

+45 65 41 47 69

Poul Henning Madsen

Emergency Department

+45 24 99 44 83

Odense University Hospital has the largest Emergency Department in Denmark. All emergency units are gathered in one building, including the Trauma Centre, the Emergency Ward, a community service operated by general practitioners, and a reception area. We also have a bed unit and a research unit.

Emergency and trauma centre

In our Emergency and Trauma Centre (diagnostic area) we usually examine and observe patients for up to four hours. The Centre includes:

  • An emergency ward
  • A reception area
  • A trauma function for patients from the Region of Southern Denmark and the Region of Zealand, with 1.5 mill. inhabitants
  • A community service operated by general practitioners for patients who become ill outside opening hours. You can contact the on-call general practitioner between 4 p.m. and 8 a.m. as well as during weekends and bank holidays

Bed unit

We house patients who we expect will be released within 48 hours. Patients with an expected hospitalisation of longer than 48 hours will be transferred to other specialist departments.


In organising the unit, we have focused on logistics, flow, and standardisation in a way that has never been seen before in Denmark. Along with private partners we have developed logistics tools which support patient-flow in order to reach a tentative diagnose within 4 hours. We succeed in doing this innearly 80 % of all cases.

Our main research area is clinical epidemiological and interventional studies.

For more information about research in emergency medicine click here.


Annual number of patients in our emergency ward 24,000
Annual number of patient in the community service 50,000
Annual number of patients in "walk-in-service" 40,000
Annual number of conventional traumas 550
Budget EUR 15.5 mill.

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