Anne Lise Zilmer

Head of Department 

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Hanne Kaae Kristensen, PhD

Head of Research

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Charlotte Ytterberg, PhD

Guest Associate Professor (Docent)

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Core Tasks

Occupational therapy

The purpose of occupational therapy is to enable patients, through the therapeutic use of occupations including everyday life activities, so they may cope, participate, perform, and function in their roles in the home, school, workplace, community and other settings.



Occupational therapists focus on meaningful and purposeful activities such as:


  • Bathing and dressing

  • Household tasks

  • Communication and participating in social activities at school or work




The purpose of physiotherapy is to help patients maintain or rehabilitate their ability to move as independently as possible and to prevent complications in connection with operations and long-term bedrest.


Physiotherapists focus on:


  • Muscles and joints

  • The nervous system

  • Blood circulation

  • The respiratory system


The goal is to rehabilitate and maintain the patients bodily functions and to prevent



Research Areas

Current research areas

The Department of Rehabilitation focuses on research to develop and implement evidence-based knowledge within current and future occupational therapy and physiotherapy focus areas at Odense University Hospital.


Hanne Kaae Kristensen, Postdoc: Functional capacity evaluation and personally experienced goal attainment in cross-sectorial brain damage rehabilitation.


Lisbeth Minet, Assistant Professor: Variations after a fall, over a one-year period, in functioning, disability, health-related quality of life and perceived rehabilitation needs of the elderly over 65. A part of the Odense Falls and Osteoporosis cohort study (OFOS).


Eva Jespersen, Post doc: Individualized systematic needs assessment in cancer patients. Methods to objectively measure physical activity in cancer patients.


Tonny Jæger Pedersen, PhD student: Which efforts are needed to implement standardized functional assessments in a clinical setting?


Alice Ørts Hansen, PhD student: Identifying Sense of Coherence and Client-Centeredness as Indicators for the Efficacy of an Activity-Based Occupational Therapy Intervention to patients with Hand-Related Injuries.


Anders Hansen, PhD student: The effect of an interdisciplinary rehabilitation intervention comparing HRQoL, symptom burden and physical function among patients with primary glioma.


Affiliated research projects

Kathrine Rayce, PhD student: Tele Medical training in patients with severe chronic

Key figures

Number of research inpatients annually Approximately 19,000
Total number of consultations inpatients receive annually Approximately 90,000
Number of research outpatients annually Approximately 7,700
Total number of consultations outpatients receive annually Approximately 23,700