Occupational and Environmental Medicines

House of Occupational and Environmental Medicines

Lars Brandt

Associate ProfessorHead of Department, MD. Ph.D, Headof Research

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Lone Tolstrup

Chief Secretary

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David Sherson

Senior consultant

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Karen Brask

External Associate Professor Head Psychologist, Specialistand Supervisor

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Core Tasks

The Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine is a hospital department with exclusively outpatient functions. Patients are referred when there is a suspicion of an occupational or environmental cause of their symptoms. Once the diagnosis has been ascertained, then the cause of the illness must be determined. The key question is: To what degree was the disease caused or exacerbated by the patients job or environment? The degree of disability or dysfunction is then evaluated. On this basis, the treating physician or psychologist can give the patient appropriate advice concerning future employment. There is close cooperation between physicians and psychologists.


Workplace visits are often carried out as part of our evaluations. When visiting workplaces, suggestions for improvements are often made in order to prevent others from getting sick. The Department has several specialist expertise areas e.g. evaluating musicians with health-related complaints. Together with the Department of Pulmonary Medicine, the Department has a chamber for specific respiratory challenges for patients with asthma or rhinitis. Department personnel often participate in meetings for professionals and the general public to inform about various aspects of occupational and environmental medicine.


Research Areas

  • Allergies in greenhouse workers

  • New developments in asthma and rhinitis in adults

  • Acoustic rhinometry and occupational rhinitis

  • Early detection of COPD

  • Osteoarthritis as an occupational disease

  • Health of musicians





Key figures

Number of annual outpatient visits 1400
Number of consultation 2200
Employees 25