Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery

Gert Lerbjerg

Head of Department, Consultant

Gitte Bekker

Head of Department, Chief Nurse

Peter Licht


Jes Sanddahl Lindholt

Head of Research, Professor

Core Tasks

The department determines and treats diseases in the heart, lungs, oesophagus and the arteries.

The heart:

Bypass and heart valve surgery as well as combinations of the two, ruptures of the main arteries in the thoracic cavity, tumours and inflammatory conditions in the heart and heart valves.

The lungs:

Diagnostic evaluation and surgery for lung cancer, tumours in the thoracic cavity and treatment of major injuries in which the thoracic cavity organs have been damaged.We also treat extreme facial blushing and excessive perspiration of the hands.


Diagnostic evaluation of dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) and gastric acid reflux. Treatment of diseases in the oesophagus is in collaboration with Department A.


Diagnostic evaluation and surgery for hardening of the arteries, arterial aneurysms, artery lesions, complicated vein disorders, constructing dialysis pathways and kidney transplants.




Research Areas


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International relations and development

Mutual agreement on exchange of professionals with Guangdong General Hospital, China



Jes Sanddal Lindholt, Head of Research, Professor
Peter Licht, Professor,
Erik Jakobsen,
Tomas Balezantis,
Poul Erik Mortensen,


12 PhD students









Key figures

Beds 44
Beds Day Hospital 10
Employees 200