The reception of the Department of Cardiology

Tina Svenstrup Poulsen, MD

Lead Consultant

+45 24 66 66 42

Helle Marie Mogensen, MHM

Head Nurse

+45 24 67 54 97

Lisette Okkels Jensen


+45 20 14 79 50

Core Tasks

The Department of Cardiology is a department of internal medicine/cardiology which receives adults with cardio-vascular diseases for admission as well as for outpatient examination and treatment. The main areas of specific interest at the Department of Cardiology are ischaemia, arrhythmia, heart failure and heart valve disorders. The Department of Cardiology is also involved in research and education.


The Department of Cardiology also takes care of highly specialised treatment of patients undergoing coronary angioplasty (PCI), patients with need for TAVI-treatment because of heart valve diseases and patients with a need for an radiofrequency ablation as well as an Implantable Converter Defibrillator- or pacemakerimplantation.


The Department of Cardiology has 65 beds in three wards, and a unit with eight daytime beds for outpatients who are examined and treated at The Cardiology Laboratory. The Cardiology Laboratory has six operating theatres for invasive treatment. The outpatient clinic is responsible for all non-invasive examinations and treatments.


The outpatient clinic is organized with the following specifikc clinics:

  • Congenital Heart Disease Clinic

  • Heart Failure Clinic

  • Atrial Fibrillation Clinic

  • Anticoagulation Clinic

  • Telemonitorering and control of patients with pacemakers and Implantable Converter Defibrillators.


The number of employees is 245 physicians, nurses, social and health care assistants, laboratory technicians and medical secretaries.

Department B-1 and B-2/KARMA are located in building 1, 3rd floor (entrances 20, 40 and 46). Department B-3 is located on 4th floor east (entrances 20, 40 and 46).

The outpatient clinics of Department of Cardiology B are located in building 1, 2nd floor east, entrances 44/46 and in the basement, entrances 44/46.


Research Areas

  • Heart failure

  • Cardiovascular pharmacology

  • Electrophysiology and radiofrequency ablation

  • Evaluation of syncope and treatment of neurocardiogen syncope

  • Pacemaker- and ICD treatment (Danish Pacemaker and ICD register)

  • Preventive cardiology (especially dyslipidimia, hypertension, coronary chalk-score)

  • Prehospital treatment including acute coronar syndrome (diagnosis and treatment)

  • Intravascular ultrasound study and revascularisation procedure

  • Chronic ischaemic heart disease (myocardio- and vessel walls biomarkers, coronary chalk-score, heart-CT)

  • Establishment of a biobank under OPEN (Patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome; healthy middle

  • Nursing research


The Department has two professors, three-five PhD students, two research associate professors, four clinical associate professors and one nurse researcher.

Key figures

Overnight admissions per year 10,000
Elective same-day patiens per year 13,600
Annual outpatients visits XX
PCI treatments per year 2,200
Radiofrequency ablation treatments per year 880
TAVI procedures per year 85
MitraClip procedures per year 15