Steno Diabetes Center Odense


Clinical Associate Professor, MD

Jan Erik Henriksen   

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Head Nurse

Anna Sofie Lillevang

+ (45) 2167 9277

Head of Research

Professor, MD

Kurt Højlund 

+ (45) 2532 0648

Head Physician

Clinical Associate Professor

Michael Røder 

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Core Tasks

Steno Diabetes Center Odense's objectives and measures to combat diabetes in the Region of Southern Denmark are:


  • To achieve a lasting and significant improvement in the prevention and early detection of diabetes


  • That people with diabetes should receive patient-centered and evidence-based treatment at the highest international level


  • That people with diabetes should be optimally equipped to manage their own illness, live a life with diabetes and have as few late complications as possible


Accordingly, the long-term vision for diabetes care in the Region of Southern Denmark is:


  • To slow the growth in the number of people with newly diagnosed diabetes

  • To ensure that people with diabetes achieve normal life expectancy and quality of life


To achieve this vision, SDCOs work evolves around the following 4 core activities:


  1. Treatment and prevention of late complications

  2. Clinical research

  3. Skills development of health professionals

  4. Cross-sector collaboration




More information

Go to our Research Unit website at

Download a part of the blueprint (issued in 2017) describing the vision for SDCO

Research Areas

With type 2 diabetes as the main focus, we base our research strategy on the following five major research areas:


  1. Pathophysiological research

  2. Cardiovascular complications

  3. Clinical intervention

  4. Diabetes care

  5. Pregnancy and diabetes


SDCO is conducting clinical diabetes research with a strong translational focus that encompasses patient-oriented research into diabetes-related topics, for both children

and adults and for all types of diabetes.


Research topics range from research into diabetes prevention, through prediabetes and

early diabetes to late diabetic complications, crossing sectors, professional groups and



Research at SDCO is conducted in the Region of Southern Denmark in close collaboration

with the Steno Partners and other national and international collaborators.



Key figures

Patient Population
Expected number of diabetes patients at SDCO in 2023 9000
Expected number of diabetes patients in all 4 hospital units in the Region of Southern Denmark in 2023 22.800
Expected number of patients treated outside the hospital units by general practitioners in 2023 70.000
*The numbers are based on an estimate (most likely set too high) from the blueprint (issued in 2017) describing the vision for SDCO