Mogens Tange, Consultant


Head of Department

+45 6541 2506 /

+45 2114 5221

Hollmann, Charlotte

Head of Department

+45 2943 7882

Frantz Rom Poulsen, consultant

Head of Research

+45 6541 3600 /

+45 2530 6791

Marie Bruun Skøtt

Developmental Nurse

+45 2963 2363

Carl-Henrik Nordström

Adjunct Professor /

Sonia Brutti

Secretary, Contact Person Research

+45 6541 3600

Core Tasks

The Department of Neurosurgery conducts acute and planned examination, treatment and care of all patients with neurosurgical diseases, i.e. brain injury, brain hemorrhage and brain tumours, abnormalities of the central nervous system (e.g. spina bifida), osteoarthritis, spinal column tumours and slipped discs. Furthermore, the Department provides treatment of nerve damage or other nerve impacts as well as treatment with electrodes to relieve pain.


Research Areas

Nursing and medical aspects of research at the Department of Neurosurgery, Odense University Hospital are closely linked to the highly specialised functions of the Department. Therefore, there is ongoing and planned research within the following areas:


vascular disorders (subarachnoid hemorrhage)

head injuries


spine surgery


The Department has close research collaboration with other departments at Odense University Hospital, and research collaboration between Denmarks four neurosurgical departments is being established.



Number of professors: 2 (guest professor)

Number of research associate professors/assistant professors/postdocs: 3

Development nurse: 1

Number of PhD students: 1

Number of planned PhD programmes: 1



International collaborator: Prof. Carl Henrik Nordström, MD, University of Lund, Sverige. Specialized in cerebral metabolism.


International collaborator: Prof. Henry W. S. Schroeder, MD, PhD, University of Griefswald, Germany. Specialized in endoscopy assisted skull base surgery.


International collaborator: Kathleen Seidel, M.D., Department of Neurosurgery

University Hospital Bern, Switzerland.

Specialist in Neurosurgery and Intraoperative Neurophysiology



Key figures

Number of beds (overnight) 32
Number of beds (intensive care) 12
Operating tables 3
Number of inpatients, elective (2019) 1.669
Number of inpatients, acute (2019) 878
Number of outpatient visits per day 20 - 25