Jens Højberg Wanscher


Lead Consultant,Head of Department 

+45 6541 1649

Vibeke Tilgaard Jensen



Head Nurse 

+45 6541 5970



Christian Godballe


Head of Research, Professor,Consultant, PhD 

+45 6541 2800


Anette Drøhse Kjeldsen


Professor, Consultant, PhD Head of HHT-Center OUH

+45 6541 4314


Core Tasks

The Department of ORL - Head and Neck Surgery is a highly specialised university department. The department receives patients requiring hospitalisation and outpatients categorised under the specialist area otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery. The department is divided into two locations, one in Odense (high specialiced treatment) and one in Svendborg (basic treatment and vestibulary functions).


The department is a tertiary referral center and receives all categories of patients with ortorhinolaryngology diseases. The department has a regional function for the Region of Southern Denmark, with 1.2 million inhabitants. The regional function mainly includes cancer diseases within the departments specialist area, but also special conditions within benign disease categories as well as surgical treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders in toddlers requiring special anaesthesia and monitoring. The department has a national function for some special patient categories in accordance with the speciality plan of the Danish National Board of Health.


In significant areas, the Department of ORL Head and Neck Surgery has close collaboration with The North Denmark Region and Region Zealand regarding treatment requiring highly specialised surgery.


The department has a very active research community which is managed by two professors specialising in surgery for head and neck cancer and rhinology. Research activities comprise a series of PhD projects within the developmental focus areas of the Department.


The department has wide educational tasks. Eight of the departments doctors are associate professors teaching medical students as well as audio-logopaedic students.


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Research Areas


  • Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiestica/Mb Osler

  • BAHA - what do the patients mean?

  • Quality of life and drommet insertion

  • The influence of surgery on voice function, airflow and QOL in the treatment of benign goiter

  • Salivary gland carcinoma - a national study

  • Defects in the complemt system in patients with chronic rhinosinuitis

  • Surfactant proteins in the upper and lower respiratory tract

  • Up-front 18F-FDG PET/CT scanning

  • Papillary thyroid carcinoma: Clinical significance and metastatic potential

  • Voice difficulties and acoustic analysis

  • Structure and lipid/protein composition of the cholesteatoma




Key figures

Admissions annually 5,100
Outpatient visits annually 20,600
DRG production value € 24,434,602
Netto budget 2015 € 10,775,672
Of this the salary budget is € 7,543,952
Medical staff: Full time equivalents 33,04
Nursing staff: Full time equivalents 52,95