Department of Rheumatology

Helle Laustrup

Head of Department, Consultant

Phone: +45 29 17 69 97




Anna Sofie Lillevang

Head of Department, Head Nurse

Phone: +45 21 67 92 77



Professor Torkell Ellingsen

Research management, Head of research, Consultant

Phone: +45 65 41 35 23



Core Tasks

Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with acute and chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases, as well as research within the same fields. Also diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of acute degenerative spine disorders. Teaching at both pre- and postgraduate level as well as training of specialists in Rheumatology. Tertiary referral center in Southern Denmark (population av. 1.2 mio.) for patients with complex, severe or rare inflammatory rheumatic diseases.



Research Areas

Research management


Research area:
Aspects of early diagnosis, treatment, disease activity, pathogenesis, prognosis, biomarkers, comorbidity, compliance, adherence and quality of life in:


Rheumatoid arthritis
Psoriatic arthritis
Arthritis urica
ANCA-associated vasculitis
Systemic lupus erythematosus
Cerebral vasculitis
Systemic sclerosis
Inflammatory Myositis



In clinically well characterised cohorts/trials:
Inception and trans-sectional cohorts
Investigator initiated trials


Randomized and open treatment strategy studies with synthetic and biological DMARD (Disease Modifying Anti Rheumtic Drugs) as well as training strategies.




Immunological and molecular-biological techniques:
Including ELISA, flow-cytometry, immunohistochemistry (synovium, tendons, muscles, arteria temporalis, kidneys), western-blotting, SNP-genetics, micro-RNA, proteomics), cellular immunology (in vitro migration, mononuclear and stem cell proliferation-assays), pharmacokinetics.



PET-CT, CT, MRI and, ultrasound of joints, tendons (including elastography) as well as the heart (SPECKLE TRECK, MRI-perfusion stress test and CT-KAG) and carotis.



Epidemiological and interview based approaches, structured meta-analysis:


Survival models, treatment outcome and prognosis.


Read more about the research in the department on the following website: The Rheumatology Research Unit


Key figures

Outpatient Clinic(visits) 19.648
Bedward - admissions 709
Average length-of-stay (days) 4,0
Bedward (no. of beds) 9
Specialist doctors 11
Junior doctors at various stages of postgraduate medical training 10
Registred nurses and assistant nurses - appr. 28