Department of Clinical Biochemistry

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Mads Nybo

Head of Department, Chief Consultant

Tel.: +45 2055 3952


Helle Weimar-Sørensen

Head of Department, MPM, Lead Laboratory Technologist

Tel.: +45 2496 1596


Lars Melholt Rasmussen

Head of Research, Consultant, Professor in Clinical Biochemistry

Tel.: +45 2442 2160


Core Tasks

The Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology comprises the medical specialist areas of clinical biochemistry and clinical pharmacology.


The two specialist areas are characterised as being cross-disciplinary fields with a close coupling between research, development, laboratory activities and clinical tasks. These specialist areas experien rapid development, and particularly the area of molecular diagnostics has become increasingly important for both patients and physicians.


The Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology has about 260 employees including professors, consultants, senior house officers, registrars, chemists, human biologists, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, secretaries and technicians service employees. The majority of the Departments staff are laboratory technologists, who also take blood samples from hospital patients. Blood samples from outpatients are taken at the Departments outpatient department. Modern technology ensures efficient management and reliable analysis results from patient samples and quick response times.


The Departments analysis production is increasing and amounted to about 10 million analysis results in 2019.


The Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology is also a university department and therefore has a comprehensive research and development section, which focuses particularly on diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases to gain a better understanding of diseases, earlier diagnosis as well as more efficient treatment. The department is also engaged in implementation of new technology, automation of manual procedures and artificial intelligence, both at a research level and as a future routine strategy.


Research Areas

Academic fields:





Key figures

Total employees 260
Number of analysis results in 2019 10 mill.
Annual patient consultations in 2019 953.056
Total research publications for 2019 145
The drug information centre treats about 306 patient-related inquiries on treatment with drugs.
The GCP unit monitored 180 active drug trials in 2019