The main building of the Hospital Pharmacy of Funen next to Odense University Hospital.

Lisbeth Muurholm

Hospital Pharmacy Manager

Phone: +45 23 63 17 92


Hanne Kiehn

Head of the Secretariat

Phone: +45 23 63 17 80


Jess Brink

Production Manager

Phone: +45 23 63 17 99


Mia Lolk Lund

Clinical Pharmacy Manager

Phone: +45 24 59 58 52


Sys Borcher Jørgensen

Quality Manager

Phone: +45 23 63 17 96


Line Fuglsang Nielsen


Functional Manager - Production

Phone: +45 20 51 70 45


Louise Lund


Functional Manager - Production 

Phone: +45 24 80 93 08


Ole Aabling Sørensen


Functional Manager - Production 

Phone: +45 23 63 17 86


Sanne Hee Johansen

Functional Manager - Clinical Pharmacy

Phone.: +45 29 36 55 13


Lene Fredsbo Jakobsen

Functional Manager - Clinical Pharmacy

Phone: +45 29 36 55 10


Trine Madsen


Functional Manager - Clinical Pharmacy Stock 

Phone: +45 40 32 45 54


Susanne Nørregaard


Functional Manager - Clinical Pharmacy (Svendborg Hospital)  

Phone: +45 63 20 53 90


Gitte Andersen


Functional Manager - Quality Control 

Phone: +45 65 41 27 67


Sys Borcher Jørgensen


Functional Manager - Quality Assurance 

Phone: +45 29 13 80 66


Core Tasks

The Hospital Pharmacy of Funen consists of a main pharmacy building located at Odense University Hospital and a satellite department at Svendborg Hospital. The hospital pharmacy also serves departments at the hospitals in Nyborg, Ærø and Ringe as well as the Psychiatric Department of the Region of Southern Denmark in Middelfart and Odense.


The hospital pharmacy provides:

  • Distribution and stocking of drugs

  • Clinical pharmacy including medication review, medication history, medication reconciliation and medication discharge consultation

  • Services in relation to clinical trials (some regarding production of cytostatic drugs for the individual cancer patient)

  • Information about drugs and drug management

  • Production of drugs produced "ready-to-use" and drugs produced specially for the individual patient


The Hospital Pharmacy of Funen also produces medication for other hospitals in Denmark, for instance in collaboration with other hospital pharmacies in Denmark.


On an ongoing basis, the focus area for most projects at the hospital pharmacy is preparing for Nyt OUH (the New Hospital Project) which is expected to be ready in 2022. The services and tasks of the hospital pharmacy will be of a different nature at Nyt OUH with more focus on patient contact and safety. Therefore, this requires a lot of preparation and changes towards new structures of tasks.


In 2014, the Hospital Pharmacy of Funen had a turnover of about DKK 861 mill. The hospital pharmacy currently has about 220 employees within different specialist groups (pharmacists, engineers, laboratory technologists, chemists, technicians, pharmaconomists, hospital orderlies, pharmacy assistants etc.)


Research Areas




Key figures

2014 Turnover DKK 861 mill.
2014 Number of Employees 220 employees
Packages per year handled by the pharmacy stock department 1.1 mio. packages
Percentage of departments at Odense University Hospital with medication distribution and stocking 99%
Percentage of departments at Odense University Hospital with medication histories and reconciliation (pharmaconomist services) 45%
2014 Coupled antibiotics 258447 units
2014 Production/preparation of Cytostatic Drugs 57789 units