Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

Jens Schierbeck

Head of department Lead Consultant

Tel.: +45 6541 2600

Ingeborg Moritz Hansen

Head of department Head Nurse 

Tel.: +45 6541 2588

Palle Toft

Head of research Professor, DMSc, Consultant

Tel.: +45 6541 3947

Core Tasks

Anaesthesia for operations and diagnostic examinations
The recovery section receives patients from all surgery wards at Odense University Hospital
The intensive care section receives critically ill patients from all specialist areas
The emergency paramedic ambulance provides pre-hospital help for acute situations, in which the patient has been assessed to need immediate help
The centre for pain management treats patients with non-malignant chronic pain conditions





The Department trains a large number of registered anaesthetic nurses, recovery-room
nurses, registered intensive care nurses, and medical specialists in anaesthesiology.
Teaching for student nurses, paramedics and medical students are also offered by
the Department.






Research Areas

Clinical anaesthesia and recovery
Perianaesthesia care
Intensive care medicine
Pain treatment
Topics within anaesthesia, including paediatric anaesthesia
Chronic respiratory insufficiency
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Pain therapy


Further information is avaliable at the website of the University of Southern Denmark:
Research Unit Anaestesiology and Intensive Care

Key figures

Anaesthesia services 2014 34,962
Intensive care 2014 5,281
Recovery 2014 21,365
Emergency Paramedic Ambulance Activity 2014 4,700
SMEC - Pain Management Centre 2014 10,078
Other consultations 2014 11,314