Implementation of the research strategy

The research strategy will be gradually implemented up to 2021. The strategy includes some initiatives that can be implemented here and now, while other initiatives can first be implemented later, for example when the necessary funding is available.

Working groups will be established for individual areas to ensure implementation of the objectives set out in the research strategy.

Each working group will produce a comprehensive action plan for the relevant area, including goals, framework, resources and milestones. This plan can be adjusted and expanded over time as necessary. The working groups will also ensure that the plan is followed and that the initiatives are implemented as described.

The working groups will submit an annual status and evaluation report regarding the initiatives undertaken to OUH’s Research Council, to allow adjustment of the research efforts and direction. The Research Council will ensure that OUH’s management receives an annual status report on the implementation of the initiatives in the research strategy.

The working groups will consist of members of OUH’s Research Council and other relevant parties. It is expected that the groups will also include junior researchers who can gain useful learning experiences for later involvement in developing research strategies. The focus should be on involving a variety of disciplines in the working groups and ensuring that both men and women are represented.

Successful implementation will require the research strategy and research results from OUH and KI to be readily available so as to promote awareness and curiosity. This will be relevant for patients, politicians, clinicians, research foundations, and others.

This increases the need to target dissemination to specified groups. It is thus essential to increase the publicizing and visibility of our research and to give the outside world an insight into the research strategy and its research initiatives, projects, and results.