Innovation at OUH

OUH has a long tradition for working with innovation as well as for testing and implementing new technological solutions. For instance, OUH was the first Danish hospital where all clinical wards switched to an electronic patient record. This happened in 2009.

Today, Innovation and HTA is a centrally placed unit at Odense University Hospital that carries out both large and small projects in the field of innovation and health technology. The unit has approx. 30 employees and collaborates with all staff groups at the hospital, researchers from the university, private companies, local municipalities and general practitioners on creating solutions that improve the health care services offered at Odense University Hospital.

The Innovation and HTA unit works with all kinds of technology that have the potential to add value and improve treatment and care, such as telemedicine, mobile apps, camera pills, video consultations, robots, drones, AI, VR/AR, etc.
The projects vary from development of new technology, testing existing technology in new settings, implementation of solutions and evaluation of effects of medical technology.

Strategic Innovation

At OUH, we use our innovation strategy as our guideline when choosing and working with innovation projects.

Implementation of the innovation strategy is led by the OUH Innovation Council. The council consists of representatives from the management at OUH and the University of Southern Denmark, as well as staff members from the clinical departments and a patient representative. The council is also responsible for strengthening the use of innovative technologies at OUH’s clinical wards and for awarding grants from the OUH Innovation Fund to innovative projects around the hospital.

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Since 2016 OUH has had an innovation fund of approx. 270.000 euro, which is used to support innovation projects rooted in the clinical departments of the hospital that have the potential to improve patient care, patient satisfaction and/or processes and work flows for the clinical staff.
To showcase the many initiatives happening around the hospital, OUH has established an annual innovation day where project results are presented and new ideas shared. There is also an award for the most innovative solutions implemented.

An important and direct result of OUH’s long-standing focus on strategic innovation is the creation of the Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) along with the University of Southern Denmark in 2014.

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On the CIMT website you can read about current and previous innovation projects carried out at Odense University Hospital:

If you wish to collaborate with OUH Innovation or learn more about our work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.