Research support for specialized and cross-disciplinary functions

We can only continue to offer our patients the best treatment for rare or complex conditions by undertaking research in specialized and cross-disciplinary clinical areas.

OUH currently provides more than 400 highly specialized functions and manages nearly all of the regional programmes. The National Board of Health requires that departments carrying out highly specialized and regional care also conduct research. There has thus been a strong focus on research support in these areas. This effort has resulted in a larger volume of research and higher level of competence, and has consolidated the academic environments. The result is that all clinical and para-clinical departments at OUH undertake research.

We will continue to strengthen the research collaboration on regional functions with the hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark and Region Zealand. We will also continue to develop research collaborations with Rigshospitalet and other hospitals that provide highly specialized functions.

About 80 per cent of OUH treatments are in central clinical areas where there is also a large research activity. It remains important to conduct research at all levels to provide patients with the best treatment.


OUH and KI will maintain and develop their highly specialized clinical areas and ensure that these are supported by research activity, including the support of cross-disciplinary clinical functions.


  • By 2018: At least one new elite research centre will be established.
  • By 2019: Development of a priority list of potential new highly specialized functions.
  • By 2020: All departments that perform regional functions will have established research collaboration with the regional hospitals.
  • By 2020: Up to five new front-line centres established.
  • By 2020: Annual establishment of at least one joint research position between OUH and other Danish hospitals in highly specialized clinical areas.
  • By 2020: An honorary adjunct professor will be affiliated to every department that performs specialized functions.


We have established four elite research centres dedicated to allergic conditions, arterial diseases, cancer in the elderly, and endocrinology. The centres stand out due to their strong international partners and very ambitious research programs that include highly specialized clinical areas. Using a grant from the Region of Southern Denmark, we have also established four frontline centres in vector-borne diseases, genetics, molecular imaging, and robotic surgery. OUH chose additionally to support a further frontline centre, the Centre for Regenerative Medicine. These centres also focus on research in highly specialized clinical areas.

We have increased the number of researchers in the highly specialized functions, primarily through funding from the Region of Southern Denmark.

OUH now has 24 honorary adjunct professors carrying out research in highly specialized clinical areas. We have strengthened research collaboration with Rigshospitalet, including the establishment of a joint research fund. This will support the formation of cross-regional research networks with particular focus on strengthening the specialized functions.