Transport to and from hospital

As a general rule, you are responsible for organising your own transport to and from hospital, and you must pay your own travel costs. However, because a number of exceptions apply, it is possible in certain cases to provide reimbursement of transport costs or offer transport for free.

You can read more about this on www. under the heading ‘Sundhed/Borger/Patientbefordring’.

A special leaflet on transport, ‘Transport til og fra sygehuset’, is also available. This explains in more detail the rules on transport and reimbursement of transport costs. Special rules apply to pensioners, and these are also included in the leaflet.

Transport in connection with free hospital choice

If you choose to receive treatment at a hospital outside your local region, even though your doctor has not deemed this necessary for treating your illness, you must organise your own transport to and from the hospital, and you must pay all or some of your travel costs. Should you be entitled to any subsequent reimbursement, this will be calculated according to the rules for reimbursement of transport costs to the hospital closest to your home which would have been able to provide the treatment.