Adjunct professor in radiology

Professor, MSc Michael Pedersen from Aarhus University has been appointed adjunct professor in radiology at the University of Southern Denmark and the Research and Innovation Unit of Radiology, Odense University Hospital from 1 February 2020 for a 5-year period.

He will engage with the Research and Innovation Unit of Radiology (OUH) with the visionary aim entitled: Experimental diagnostic medical imaging research – Accelerated validation process and implementation in clinical practice.

In collaboration with Head of Research, Ole Graumann, special emphases will be on the following initiatives:

1) Renal disease including cancer: Diagnostic imaging to avoid biopsy and monitor treatment response.
2) Liver disease: Diagnostic imaging to avoid biopsy and monitor treatment response.
3) Brain and kidney elastography – MRI elastography could become a new method to measure the pressure in ventricles and fibrosis in the kidneys.

He holds a position as professor in bioimaging at Aarhus University Hospital, and medical diagnostic imaging like MRI, US and CT already plays a significant role in his daily research. He has contributed to more than 150 scientific papers in this field.
Besides, he contributes to several institutional and national initiatives in radiology, such as responsible in the Danish Archiving and PHenotyping NEtwork (DAPHNE), and board of Danish Biomaging Network, Danish representative in EuroBioimaging.
Furthermore, he undertakes ongoing initiatives in the European Research Council’s Horizon-2020 Health, Demographic Change and Well-being Societal Challenge programme, and the Horizon Europe programmes, and he is also member of several EU-based COST, EMEA and industrial networks in the field of radiology.

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Adjunct professor in radiographic practice

Maryann Hardy’s background as a radiographer is unique in Denmark as no Danish radiographers, so far, are qualified for a professorship. Maryann has a robust research record predominantly within pediatric radiology and thus, she often speaks at international meetings and conferences.

Maryann Hardy and research radiographer, postdoc Bo Mussmann have worked out an ambitious research plan entitled ”Radiographers’ Role in Population Safeguarding: Non-accidental Injury (NAI) / Suspected Physical Injury (SPI)”. The research area will support the highly specialized function of radiological imaging in suspected child abuse and among other aspects it will assess radiation dose and, radiographers’ skills, training etc.

Besides research, Maryann will work as a mentor and consultant with regard to the ongoing development of the research unit. Maryann’s position as Vice President in the British Institute of Radiology adds strong strategic skills to the unit and furthermore, she has robust experience in patient reported outcomes and patient centered research.

The research output from the Radiological Research Unit has increased over the last few years, and we expect that Maryann will contribute greatly to a further increase. With a radiography professor in the research team, the unit has improved the possibilities to carry out high quality research with and for the patients.

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