Research Strategy 2016-2020

People first – through research and collaboration


Research is a core task of a university hospital and aims to help the individual patient through the development of better treatments*. With their new research strategy, Odense University Hospital – Svendborg Hospital (OUH) and the Department of Clinical Research (KI), University of Southern Denmark (SDU), focus not only on putting the patient at the centre, but on involving people in research

  • ‘Treatment’ is used here in its broadest sense and includes, for example, diagnostic investigations, prevention, prognosis, guidance and counselling, nursing care, rehabilitation and palliative care.

Since 2007, OUH and KI have employed significantly more researchers, strengthened the research output, and established an international research profile through conscious commitment and investment. From 2009 to 2014, OUH and KI have thus increased the number of professors from 30 to 84, the number of PhD students from 141 to 285, and the number of peer-reviewed publications from 590 to 1098 per year.

OUH and KI launched an ambitious research strategy in 2012 that focused on developing elite research environments and increasing internationalization over the period 2012-2017. As a result of this intensive focus on research at OUH, KI, and the Region of Southern Denmark, we have reached most of the goals for the initiatives described in that strategy. OUH and KI are now taking the next ambitious step with a new research strategy that is linked to OUH’s vision statement and development plan, and the Region of Southern Denmark’s policy on health research. This ambitious research strategy will not only result in further elite research environments and greater internationalization, but will also lead to significantly improved treatment options for patients.

The effective collaboration between OUH and the University of Southern Denmark will be further advanced when the institutions share the same physical location. This will give more opportunities for translational and interdisciplinary research and will pave the way for a faster transfer of important research breakthroughs into clinical practice for the benefit of our patients and citizens. Collaboration with other faculties at SDU than the Faculty of Health Sciences will remain an important theme in the joint research strategy of OUH and KI.

We undertake research so that we can offer our patients the best treatment. Patient opinion is thus important in the research process, which is why OUH and KI intend to include patients in OUH’s Research Council and in the research advisory groups of the hospital departments. We want to increase the involvement of patients and their relatives in our research so that, among other things, they can help us prioritize areas for research. This inclusion of patients and relatives in the research process will encourage a wide collaboration between a range of parties who have an interest in solving a problem or promoting a cause – and can bring resources to the collaborative enterprise.

Happy reading.

Kim Brixen, Director, OUH
Kirsten Kyvik, Head of department, Department of Clinical Research, SDU