“Patient first” — our promise to each other and to our patients

"Patient first" is the underlying principle of OUH’s approach and ambition in creating value for our patients. This commitment to our patients includes acting as their university hospital, which we achieve through full implementation of our code of practice.

The patient pyramid illustrates the competencies that we believe OUH needs to succeed in putting the patient first. We are not developing a whole new concept, but are attempting to clarify the principles that we should jointly embrace, focus on, and plan for.

Our approach requires a joint effort from managers and staff in both the highly specialized functions and the more general areas. Odense University Hospital and Svendborg Hospital, including the locations in Nyborg and Ærø, rely on each other in achieving this goal. We will develop the two hospitals in synergy for the benefit of the population in the entire OUH catchment area.

The patient's university hospital

Patient first

  • We see the patient as an equal. We are attentive in our interactions with patients, and we involve the patient and relatives in treatment decisions.
  • We are available to talk with the patient and relatives in a language they understand, so that they feel safe and misunderstandings are avoided.
  • We take responsibility for timely treatment, and we never let go of the patient until others have taken over.

Top expertise

  • We strive to deliver the highest quality in every task and to comply with recognized standards.
  • We intervene if we find that tasks are resolved in an unsatisfactory manner, and we work purposely to learn from our mistakes.
  • We improve our skills daily through research, education, and innovation to ensure the highest level of professionalism.

Comprehensive responsibility

  • We know our special obligations as a university hospital at regional, national, and international levels, and we work actively to fulfil this role.
  • We cooperate across departments in a spirit of mutual trust to ensure appropriate and coordinated patient pathways through the hospital.
  • We ensure good patient management through committed collaboration with the primary health sector.

We strive for excellence

As one of the country's major university hospitals, we have a responsibility to be a leader in all aspects of our core functions.

Patient care: OUH’s patients should receive the best possible care. From the patient’s perspective, this applies to every contact they have with OUH. Therefore, all OUH staff contribute to patient treatment whether this relates to medical or surgical treatment, nursing care, rehabilitation, or service functions.

Research: OUH is the best university hospital in Denmark at translating research, innovation, and clinical development into practice. We establish elite research environments, and we have a more international outlook. This requires regional, national and international collaboration.

Education: Ensuring the best possible patient treatment requires that we constantly acquire new knowledge. A stronger focus on education will not only benefit our patients but will also increase the interest in OUH as a workplace and collaborator.

The patient first in all aspects

We want our patients to feel that they are seen, heard, and respected in a treatment environment that is safe, progressive, and appropriate.

Patient involvement: Our success as the patient's university hospital largely depends on our ability to create a culture in which we collaborate with the patient during the treatment. But it also concerns how we as an organization learn from our patients and give them new roles and tasks within the organization.

Patient safety: The actions of all staff members have an impact on patient safety. Therefore, OUH must be characterized by a culture of safety. We must continuously strive to introduce improvements, learn from mistakes, and develop and follow best practice.

Patient flow: We want our patients to experience a coherent treatment pathway through different hospital departments and to avoid unnecessary waiting time. This requires us to work together across departments and with partners outside the hospital to achieve the best outcome for both patients and providers.

We will continually strive to be better

OUH desires a culture of continuous improvement, where we believe that what is right for the patient is also right for us.

Leadership: Developing a culture of continuous improvement requires a committed effort across departments and is based on staff expertise and clear leadership. Our principles of governance will support the management in ensuring the realization of OUH's ambitions.

Teamwork and inclusiveness: We can only achieve OUH's goals by working together. This means that we need to cooperate across disciplines and departments, as well as commit ourselves to good communication and coordination with other health care sectors and OUH's external partners.

Professional growth: The staff at OUH must have the skills to put the patient first and to continuously adapt to changing requirements. The need for professional development applies both to individual staff members and to the organization as a whole. Our ability to act on the latest knowledge and to be innovative will benefit the patient and thus all of us.

A healthy organization: Being able to put the patient first requires a healthy organization that focuses on staff well-being, appropriate work practices, and healthy finances. There is a close relationship between patient satisfaction and staff well-being.