Vision for the health services in Southern Denmark

The health services in the Region of Southern Denmark are for the citizens. The health services contribute actively to preventing and treating diseases and thereby improving the health of citizens.

Our success is built on dialogue, equality and cohesion. We focus on quality and punctual treatment, and the best results are achieved when everyone takes responsibility.


We meet patients and relatives with respect, care and openness. Closeness, confidence and equality are created in dialogue, in which patients and relatives are seen, heard and involved.


We focus on all treatment being based on free and equal access for all citizens. Equality in health is achieved when prevention and treatment take into account that people are different, have different needs and different resources.


We ensure a good process for the patients through collaboration with patients and relatives across hospitals, general practices and municipalities.

In due time

We provide the right help at the right time. The patients with the greatest needs will receive help fastest.


We provide the right treatment on the basis of the patient’s disease, wishes and resources. We base treatment of patients on the most recent knowledge, and we strive to provide the highest professional standards. Patients and relatives are satisfied with our work.


We see the good patient treatment as a joint responsibility for patients, relatives and staff. Responsibility also means that no one is overlooked. No matter how patients have looked after their own health, the health services will take care of them and their diseases.