About Department of Radiology

Welcome to Department of Radiology OUH

Department of Radiology at Odense University Hospital is one of the largest in Denmark with a work force equivalent to 230 full-time positions.
We collaborate within all medical specialities at Odense University Hospital. Department of Radiology is a highly specialised department and our overall strategic objective is to maintain and develop highly specialised services, and professionalism is our focal point.
The quality of our examinations has always been high despite an increase in the production, as we find it most important to keep our focus on the quality.
Our department is divided into 6 specialised service teams, and the staff in these teams are sub-specialised.

Department of Radiology is a service department, and our core task is to provide radiological services that are needed for diagnosing and treatment of patients to other hospital departments and the primary health care.
Our service is provided with the shortest possible wait and of the highest quality.
Many of our examinations are performed acute or as an ”open outpatient clinic”.



Lene Tarp
Head of Department
Radiographer, MPM

Ib Erik Jensen
Head of Department

Hanne Jakobsen
Secretary to the Department Management