12th European Congress of Neuropathology to Odense in 2020

3-6 June 2020, Odense Denmark

It has just been decided that professor Bjarne Winther Kristensen from OUH/SDU and his Scandinavian and local team will host the 12. European Congress of Neuropathology in Odense in 2020.bjarne-winther-kristensen

About 500 neuropathologists and neuroscientists will meet to discuss the most recent results on diseases in the central nervous system. Focus areas will be precision diagnostics using novel molecular approaches combined with the deeper mechanistic understanding obtained in neuroscience and brain cancer research.

The congress takes place every fourth year and it is the first time it is held in Denmark. “Inspiring Denmark has been of invaluable help during the bidding process” says professor Bjarne Winther Kristensen.