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Core Tasks

The Department of Neurosurgery conducts acute and planned examination, treatment and care of all patients with neurosurgical diseases, i.e. brain injury, brain hemorrhage and brain tumours, abnormalities of the central nervous system (e.g. spina bifida), osteoarthritis, spinal column tumours and slipped discs. Furthermore, the Department provides treatment of nerve damage or other nerve impacts as well as treatment with electrodes to relieve pain.


Research Areas

Nursing and medical aspects of research at the Department of Neurosurgery, Odense University Hospital are closely linked to the highly specialised functions of the Department. Therefore, there is ongoing and planned research within the following areas:


vascular disorders (subarachnoid hemorrhage)

head injuries


spine surgery


The Department has close research collaboration with other departments at Odense University Hospital, and research collaboration between Denmarks four neurosurgical departments is being established.



Number of professors: 1 (guest professor)

Number of research associate professors/assistant professors/postdocs: 1

Development nurse: 1

Number of PhD students: 4

Number of planned PhD programmes: 1



International collaborator: Prof. Carl Henrik Nordström, MD, University of Lund, Sverige. Specialized in cerebral metabolism.


International collaborator: Prof. Henry W. S. Schroeder, MD, PhD, University of Griefswald, Germany. Specialized in endoscopy assisted skull base surgery.




Current research Projects at the Department of Neurosurgery as per August 2016



Neurovascular disorders


Different separation of blood following subarachnoid haemorrhage in liquor collected from brain ventricles as well as the lumbar spinal space: Liquor analysis and clinical implications (Odense Patient Data Explorative Network Project). Peter Birkeland and Frantz Rom Poulsen (Dept. of Neurosurgery),Peter Martin Hansen (Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care), Mads Nybo (Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology).Contact person: Peter Birkeland, (



The contractility of the human brain blood vessels studied in vitro.

Frantz Rom Poulsen (Dept. of Neurosurgery), Pernille Lærkegaard Hansen (Cardiovascular and Renal research, Institute for Molecular Medicine, Winsløwparken, University of Southern Denmark, Odense)

Contact person: Frantz Rom Poulsen (


Optimal timing of hemicraniectomy for malignant MCA infarction.

Christian Bonde Pedersen (Dept. of Neurosurgery) and Charlotte Madsen (Dept. of Neurology).

Contact person: Christian Bonde Pedersen (






Characterization of PET hot spots in malignant gliomas by genomics and proteomic analysis of tissue.

Frantz Rom Poulsen, Mette Schulz, Christian Bonde Pedersen and Bo Halle (Dept. of Neurosurgery), Peter Grupe and Flemming Høilund-Carlsen (Dept. of Nuclear Medicine), Bjarne Winther Kristensen (Dept. of Pathology), Anabell Diaz (Dept. of Radiology), Torben Kruse and Mads Thomassen (Dept. of Genetics).

Contact person: Frantz Rom Poulsen (


Development of new targeted therapeutic strategies against brain tumors in characterizing and targeting the invasive cancer cells.

Sune Munthe and Frantz Rom Poulsen (Dept. of Neurosurgery), Bjarne Winther Kristensen (Dept. of Pathology).

Contact person: Sune Munthe (


Development of local glioblastoma treatment using convection-enhanced delivery of Auger-electron emitters.

Bo Halle and Frantz Rom Poulsen (Dept. of Neurosurgery), Helge Thisgaard, Charlotte Aaberg-Jessen and Poul Flemming Høilund-Carlsen (Dept. of Nuclear Medicine), Bjarne Winther Kristensen (Dept. of Pathology).

Contact person: Bo Halle (


Protective and reparative effects of human neural and mesenchymal stem cells studied in brain slice cultures and in animal experimental models of cerebral ischemia.

Karim Badakhshani (Dept. of Neurosurgery), Morten Meyer (Dept. of Neurobiology Research - Institute of Molecular Medicin).

Contact person: Karim Badakhshani (






Brain metabolism in severe head injuries.

Troels Halfeld Nielsen (Dept. of Neurosurgery)

Contact person: Troels Halfeld Nielsen (



Christina Rosenlund and nurse Marie Skøtt Bruun (Dept. of Neurosurgery), Rico Frederik Schou (Dept. of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care), Morten Blaabjerg (Dept. of Neurologi).

Contact person: Christina Rosenlund (


Retrospective inventory of indications and outcome of decompressive craniectomy.

Ivona Nemeiko andFrantz Rom Poulsen (Dept. of Neurosurgery).

Contact person: Ivona Nemeiko (


Development of autoimmune encehpalitis following focal or global brain injury.

Morten Blaabjerg (Dept. of Neurology) and Christtaian Bonde Pedersen (Dept. of Neurosurgery).

Contact person: Christian Bonde Pedersen (






Brain metabolism in severe purulent bacterial meningitis.

Frantz Rom Poulsen (Dept. of Neurosurgery), Åse Bengård Andersen (Department of Infectious Diseases, Odense University Hospital).

Contact person: Frantz Rom Poulsen (




Nursing development and research Projects


Family-focused nursing care to the affected family

- a study of the impact of family-focused nursing as regards to quality of life, readiness to change and disease management in patients with glioblastoma and their relatives.

Inge Faarup, Karin Lütgen, Anni Nørregaard.

Contact person: Anni Nørregaard (



The patients experience of pain in the early postoperative course at Dept. of Neurosurgery/spinal surgery.

Nina Bechsgaard, Anni Nørregaard.

Contact person: Anni Nørregaard (



Postoperative residual urine after back surgery.

Vibeke Duus, Mette Sys Larsen, Anni Nørregaard.

Contact person: Anni Nørregaard (



Soothing and structured tactile impact of ICP in sedated neurosurgical patients.

Stefan Callesen.

Contact person: Anni Nørregaard (




Key figures

Number of beds (overnight) 25
Number of beds (intensive care) 9
Number of beds (semi-intensive care) 7
Operating tables 3
Number of inpatients, elective (2014) 1,538
Number of inpatients, acute (2014) 1,027
Number of outpatient visits per day 20 - 25