Clinical Genetics

Lilian Bomme Ousager

Head of Department, MD 

Tel.: +45 6541 1605


Anja Christoffersen

Chief Biomedical Laboratory Scientist

Tel.: +45 2254 6756


Mads Thomassen

Associate Professor, Molecular Biologist, Ph.D.

Tel.: +45 6541 2839


Klaus Brusgaard

Associate Professor, Molecular Biologist, Ph.D.  

Tel.: +45 6541 2874


Core Tasks

The Department of Clinical Genetics offers genetic counselling for hereditary diseases and genetic testing for a variety of diseases.


Genetic counselling involves an analysis of the family, the diseases within the family and a risk assessment for the disease in other family members. We have about 1600 patients admitted per year.


The laboratory consists of a modern genetics laboratory. We perform chromosome analyses, DNA analyses for single-gene disorders, array CGH, NGS and in our research we perform microarray as well. We perform about 4000 genetic analyses for clinical use per year.


The laboratory is by April 2015 accredited by DANAK after ISO 15 189. The accredited analyses are visible on under laboratory 1024.


The research unit, Human Genetics, is a part of the Institute of Health, University of South





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Tel: +45 6541 1725

FAX: +45 6541 4875


Molecular Biology Laboratory

Tel: +45 6541 1675


Cytogenetic Laboratory

Tel: +45 6541 1905


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Key figures

Total employees 62
Total research publications for 2013 95
Total research publications for 2014 92
Number of genetics analyses performed for clinical use per year 4000